The Traveller Alphabet Book



Can you guess what a yaffin is?

Ask the older members of your family about the word yaffin.

Do you know a yaffin?

What is the yaffin good at?


The artist and illustrator Jo Waterhouse created this illustration of a yaffin for our forthcoming Traveller ABC book.

Do you like the way she has painted this yaffin?

What do you think about the yaffin’s wee face?

What do you think about the colours that Jo has used?

What name would you give this yaffin?

Would you paint it differently? In what way?


Draw your own Yaffin

Think about…

What is your yaffin’s name?

What breed of yaffin is it?

What is the yaffin’s colour?

Does it have any pattern – such as spots?

Take a photo of your yaffin picture and post it on STEP:

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Information finding

Find out about all the different breeds of yaffin.

What are the most popular breeds? What makes them different?

How did different breeds help people in the past?

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