Project Description

Before you listen to the story…

This story is called The lost homework. You will hear the author reading it below but before you do look at the animation showing the book’s illustrations.

What do you think will happen in this book?

Can you tell who the main character is?

What clues tell you what will happen?

Can you predict the ending? Is it happy or sad?

Now listen to the author tell the story…

Romani author Richard O’Neill read his story The lost homework. The story comes from Richard’s book ‘Tales from the wagon’. You can buy Richard’s books from: Child’s Play Bookshop

After listening to the story…

Is there a character in the story that reminds you of someone you know? If so, who are they like and why?

What is the most important point the author is trying to make in this story?

Does the book remind you of something that has happened to you in real life? Talk about it.

If Sonny lived next door to you, would you be friends with him? Why?

Why is the title ‘The Lost Homework’ a good one? If you were to give the story a different title, what would it be?

Can you retell the story in three parts?



Finally …..

Evaluating the story

Who or what was your favourite character?  What did you like about them?

Who or what was your least favourite character?  What did you dislike about them?

What did you think about the illustrations?

What could have made them better?

Think about colours, or details or expressions.

Are they too simple or too complicated?

Did you read or listen to the story in one go?

Did you think it could have be longer or shorter?

What did you learn from reading the story?

Has the story made you want to find out something new? What?

Overall marks out of 10?

Get involved with these fun activities

Over the weekend Sonny gets involved in lots of unexpected learning activities and they are also lots of fun.  Have a go at some of the fun activities below.

Alaine’s scones
Make a stencil pattern
Make a headband for a pony
Make a fact file