Project Description


The poem in this film has been created by two pupils who travel in Scotland. They love the outdoors and have put the poem onto a video backdrop taken from nature.

Can you write a poem about the natural environment in the area where you live or have travelled?

You may want to start by taking a video on your phone or tablet. Make decisions about where you want to film. Remember when you look through the lens to to look up, down, in front, to the side and behind. There are lots of ways you could do it. Why not start with:

  • taking the camera for a walk zooming in and out of things that take your interest
  • focusing upwards and only take a film of the sky
  • finding a tree and watching the birds and wildlife for a while – you could speed up the film when you get back home.

Spend a good bit of time looking at your film then start to draft out your poetry ideas. Click here for some help in creating a structure.