Marketing attracts customers and customers provide profit. Take time to develop a simple marketing plan that will set your business apart from all the other ones. Your marketing plan describes all the ways that you will tell people about your business.

Things to think about

The customers

First of all, think about who your customers are. Are they young or old? Where do they live? Other they buying for themselves or other people? What things interest them? What do they think about spending money? Where do they hang out? Do they have smart phones? Do they use social media or are they not internet users?

Reaching the customers

Now think about all the different ways you can reach your customers. Which of these approaches would work best?

  • Business cards in shops
  • Fliers through the door
  • Posters on windows or on lampposts
  • Social media – twitter, facebook
  • Letters by post
  • What other ideas do you have?

Things to do

A marketing plan

Make a marketing plan with rows and columns like the one below. You can do it on paper or create a table using a tablet device.

Fill in dates and colour code which marketing tools you would hope to use and when.

Marketing tool Date Date Date Date Date Date
Business cards in shops
Door-to-door visits

Create a tweet about what your business does

Social media has become a very popular way to share information. Can you compose a tweet about your business?

Remember, it must be informative, catchy and only 140 characters – not words – long.

Share your tweet with your friends and ask them what they think.

Get some feedback

Use the business logo that you created in Activity 2 and create some marketing materials such as a poster or an Instagram page. Remember you are trying to make them as attractive as possible so that they catch the eye. They must also be informative, with all the information about your company, and they should persuade customers that they want your product or service.

Share your marketing tools with 4 friends or relatives and ask them for their feedback. Create a table like the one below.

Was it: Person 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4
Good to look at?
Sharp and snappy?
Persuasive? Would you use the business?

Remember to make changes based on the feedback.