Now that you’ve got your business plan you need to think about how people will notice it. Every company needs a brand. The brand is the way the company is recognised and remembered by people. It can be a name, a term, a design or a symbol. But the important thing is that it sticks in people’s minds and they remember what the company does.

Things to think about

First of all think about the name of your company. It should give a clue to the service or product that you are offering.

It should also appeal to customers. For example, ‘sharp edge’ wouldn’t be a good name for a babysitting business. What words would be good for this kind of business? How many words can you come up with that would suit?

Do a brainstorm. You could start with tiny, magic, gentle – how many did you get?

You can also use rhythm or alliteration, for example, ‘Tiny toes’ or ‘Best bunnies babysitting company’ or ‘Maybe baby’.

Things to do

Come up with a catchy company name and logo

Here are some examples

Use these logos to help you make decisions about your own logo.

You will need to think about:

Which words work well?

What types of font do you like and which one will you use?

What colours do you think work? Which colours don’t work in these logos? What colours would suit your business?

Do you prefer a white background or a coloured background?

Which images work best in the logos? why do certain images work better than others?

Which image should you use? Should it be simple or more detailed?

Now create your own logo

Click here

Click here


Take a screen grab of your logo design.

Tell everyone

You are a guest on ‘Half a Mo’ radio show. You need to tell listeners about the logo you have designed for your company and why it works. You have only 10 seconds. Remember that no one will be able to see it so your description will have to be very good.

Record yourself and share it with your teacher.