Shifting: A tale of bullying behaviour and discrimination

‘Shifting’ is a graphic novel story about two Gypsy/Traveller children who have experiences of bullying and discrimination in schools. The story has been created with ideas from two young Scottish Gypsy/Travellers. The young people’s ideas were the starting point for Metaphrog, a graphic novel duo, who have gone on to create the graphic novel ‘Shifting’. Many of the ideas and the names have been changed to make sure that no one in the story is recognisable.

The story has a unique twist; it is unfinished.

The story stops abruptly. We are asking all children and young people to create their own endings to the story. We want you to think about each of the incidents described in the story, and how they could have been different. Teachers will help children and young people to discuss what should happen next to make sure that everyone can feel safe at school. Everyone needs to know that bullying behaviour can change.


Send your story endings to STEP by the 30th of April 2021. We will select five story endings to be illustrated by Metaphrog. These stories will be published and distributed to all schools in Scotland.

Download the template grids below to help you make a story ending or use one of the digital comic maker apps.


Teachers- visit STEP Teachers’ website for suggestions for whole class activities and resources.