Look at the illustration from page 8 of the book. The woman is looking in the mirror and you can see her reflection.

Imagine you did not have a mirror. Think about other ways to see our reflection.

At home:

Look around your home for items that you can see your reflection. How can you distort your reflection? Think about stretching, shrinking, moving the image or looking at a curved surface. (Spoon, saucepan)

Fill a bowl with water. Can you see you reflection? Why/why not?

Try to find three other things where you can see your reflection.

Open the doors to see some outside reflections

If you are outside playing, where can you see your refection?

Go for a walk and find some puddles to look at your reflection.

Throw a small stone in a puddle and watch it distort your reflection. Think about why this happens.

Open the doors to see some outside reflections

Make your own Kenning poem

Create a poem game

Cut out some squares of card the same size. Draw your an object or a creature on one side. Create a Kenning poem for the other side. Ask family members to choose a card with the word side up and guess what is on the other side.

Here are more examples of pit pony poems. Which one do you prefer? Why?

A dusty dragger

A blind walker

A blackened soul

A coal hauler

A cart puller

A silent labourer

A sooty toiler

A dark shadow